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Tri-County News, January 27, 2011
Angelic Mission

Many continue to help world at Salvatorian Warehouse, by Gina Kabat

Ever ask yourself what distinguishes between angels we can see and those we connot?
Walk inside the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse in New Holstein and you will understand a collaboration of efforts

Ecumenical Experience
The Temporary Missionaries were represented with an information-desk, with a coffee-shop, workshops, spiritual offers and with guests from Tanzania like Father Lazarus Msimbe, Father Michael Tesha, Sister Elice Mchopa together with Father Georg Fichtl who had invited them.

More pictures    
Report from P. Michael Sia Tesha


Greetings Talon, 19.02.2010

These personal lines from Talon report again about our college and its everyday life and reflect impressions of life in the Philippines. Here again, different authors come to speak.
First, we look at P. Jordan Spiritual Diary GT I/142. Then Fr. Karl Hoffman reports on his encounters with John Paul II. Br. Peter Thien shows us the approach of a candidate to P. Jordan in his reflection: "Come and see!" These three contributions emphasize our joy at the progress of the canonization process in Rome.

Then Br. Florencio Ompad describes part of our site Talon and the structure of its inhabitants, while Fr. Wilson speaks about the pastoral activities of our colleges, followed by a short story of "our" Village Chapel "St. Rochus" by Mrs. Ferry Bayot. Br. Dominic Lin reflects about it the "new chapter of my life." Fr. Günther reports about "A day in Manila."
Let everyone find something that has interested him. Stay us well minded in memory and in prayer. P. Guenther Mayer SDS Letter from Talon

Fr. Günther

Father Heribert Kerschgens SDS, at that time director of the Hermann-Josef-College at Steinfeld and his predecessor Mr. Heinrich Latz report about their short trip to the Salvatorians in North East India where they were invited to share in the celebrations of 25 years of the Christ Jyoti School in Nagaon, Assam.
Part 1: Nagaon

Part 2: Shillong

We are happy to be able to present you now an english version of Father Georg Fichtls Tanzanian impressions and of all Salvatorian Settlements in Tanzania.
Many thanks to Wolfgang Sütterlin and his team for the translation.
Our first english article: Tanzanian Impressions

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Since 1955 we stay in Tanzania


A G R E E M E N T on a voluntary service
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