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2. Shillong – home of the Salvatorian pioneers
In Shillong we were greeted by the Salvatorian students in the new Father Otto Hopfenmueller Study House. After an evening meal we had the problem of deciding what we should watch on TV: an English football game or a cricket match played by the Indian national team against Australia. We solved the dilemma by changing channels frequently. Three students served as ‘guards’ for the night and we hoped that they slept well in the cold night. It was easier for us to get used to the cooler temperatures in Shillong (1,800 metres) than it was for the Fathers from South India. We are used to Eifel weather!
On Monday there was a cyclone which forced us to abandon our plan to visit one of the first mission stations of the Salvatorians in Laitkynsw. We used this rainy day, in the course of which there was a power cut which lasted for the next two days, to get to know the town a little bit – even if we couldn’t get out of the car. The best part was a spontaneous visit to the Archbishop of Shillong, Dominic Jala, SDB. He is the second bishop who is from the local Khasi tribe. He showed us photos from an archive which documented the work of the first Salvatorian missionaries.

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  Visual impressions of Shillong: