Diocese of Daressalam
the mission started with the errection of the Apostolic Prefecture of South-Sansibar in 1887, which was incorporated as an Apostolic Vicariate in 1902. In 1906 it was titled diocese of Daressalam. 1953 the incorporation as an Archdiocese took place. Of arround 4.6 millions of people, who live in the diocese, approximately 22 percent are catholics.
In the former capital we Salvatorians run four parishes: Kurasini, Mwenge, Sinza and a parish which is situated just outside the town and for now still maintains a rural impression.

Situated at the main road out of the city and leading to the south, this house is mostly used as a guesthouse. The provincial is often there. The house is a hub for those coming from near and far.

The parish of Mwenge is located at the north-western edge of town. Fr. Christopher takes care of the spacious church. Here too, one can find all that belongs to a parish centre.

Sinza, City-parish in the north of Daressalam
Fr. Africanus’ responsibility is this parish which is situated even more in the north. In 2005 the new and inviting church has been consecrated by Cardinal Pengo. There is a big rectory and plenty of offices and gathering rooms. In the former church, from time to time events take place.

The Salvatorian sisters have a guesthouse too, which is considerably smaller and more in the northern part of the city. In 2007 the building for the kindergarten was finished. Both buildings are surrounded with a little garden.